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Traffic Law

Traffic Law is one of the most diverse and at times complex areas of law. 

Many traffic matters will require an appearance before the Court and these matters are usually very serious matters, can have serious ramifications impacting not only you but also your family. From minor offences through to major matters, Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers truly are 'Your Trusted Voice' in all traffic-related matters. 

Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers are aware of the implications that an appearance before the Court can have. In traffic matters, your licence is quite often at risk, and when your licence is at risk then your livelihood and family's security may also be at risk. At Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers, we have a team of traffic lawyers who are committed to ensuring that your rights are protected, and all avenues are fully explored to ensure the best outcome in the circumstances you’re faced with.

Most people are amazed that traffic offences can carry with them a term of actual imprisonment. 

The Court has the power to and does on a daily basis sentence people to terms of imprisonment for committing traffic offences. Don't risk your future, our expert traffic lawyers are able to help with any traffic matters including:

  • Drink Driving offences

  • Drug Driving offences

  • Work Licence Applications

  • Special Hardship Applications

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Disqualified Driving

  • Unlicensed Driving

Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers offer fixed fees for all Traffic Law matters and offer flexible payment options to ensure that you can afford quality legal representation. Don't be fooled by those who over-promise or promise money back if a certain result is not achieved. Trust in the experience and honesty of Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers.

Our team are available to appear throughout Queensland.

We also support the Queensland Traffic Offenders Program.